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Stiletto Hammers

Bayco Inc. stocks a huge variety of popular Stiletto Hammers. Including; Stiletto Titan 10 oz. Titanium Finisher Hammers
Stiletto Titan 12 oz. Re-Modeler Titanium Hammers
Stiletto Titan 14 oz. Titanium Hammers
Stiletto Mini-14 oz. TiBone Hammers
Stiletto Ti-Bone 15oz Titanium Hammers
Stiletto Titan 16 oz. MuscleHead Titanium Hammers
Stiletto Renegade 21 oz. Steel Hammers

  • Stiletto TBM14RMC Hammer with Replaceable Steel Face
    Stiletto TBM14RMC TiBone Hammer Mini-14 ounce Replaceable Milled Face Hammer with a Curved 16" Titanium Handle BIG Titanium hammer! Incredibly strong, powerful and lightweight with 10 times less recoil shock than...